About Us

RayRay Savino- Founder of RTL/ Field Analyst.

Ray has always been interested in the unknown but has never had a personal experience of his own. However, since forming the group, he has seen and experienced many unknown and unusual things he has not been able to explain. Ray works hard as a meat-cutter for the local Air force base and is the proud father of a little boy. Being a father, has made him aware of how much more children see then adults. He is also fascinated by history and old architecture, wondering what kinds of stories they have to tell, hoping to find out. Above all, he wants to help those who are afraid, to ease their minds and possibly help them in their understanding

BethBeth Massie -Case manager/Lead Investigator.

Beth started with the group in September of 2009. She has always been interested in the paranormal, or anything dealing with the unknown. Mostly what Beth experiences is through dreams and her insight. She desires to help those who have experienced paranormal activity understand what they are feeling, why they are feeling that way and not to be afraid of it. Beth is RTL’s Case Manager and is great at solving those questions with hard to find answers. Beth is of Wicca spirituality, a proud wife and mother of four beautiful children.

RogerRoger Fournier- Technician/Investigator.

Roger is retired from the navy and has continued his career as a technician in the power generation industry, frequently traveling around the country. Roger loves coming up with new ways to make our existing equipment work better and often surprises us with new equipment. He is married to a wonderful woman and is the father of two children.  Roger became interested in the paranormal from watching the various t.v. programs involving the paranormal and unexplained. He enjoys hunting for the answers to these unexplained happenings and obtaining proof through the use of various equipment. Roger enjoys trying new “toys” on investigations and is our go- to guy with any equiptment or technical questions.

AnneAnne Fournier- Investigator/ Researcher.

Wife of Roger, RN by trade with a background in medical telemetry, psychiatric and orthopedic. Ann is a mother of two children, with the youngest already starting to do paranormal investigation in junior investigations. Ann became intersted in the paranormal when the couple Ed and Lorraine Warren came and lectured at her high school. She admits she became even more interested from watching Ghost Hunters on TV and attenting a ghost tour in Texas with Martin Leal in 2009. It is her personal experiences however, which ultimately fueled her desire to learn as much as she could and find the elusive answers to her questions in regards to the paranormal.

SueSue Ohlinger -founder of Pinelands Paranormal/ Lead Investigator.

(has now moved to RTL’s sister group Pinelands Paranormal)

Sue became interested in the paranormal at a young age, having grown up in a home with paranormal activity. As she grew older she found herself drawn to anything that dealt with mysteries, ghosts, or the unexplained. Becoming a member of RTL has given her a chance to learn more about the paranormal and since she feels that when you are not learning, you are standing still, and she does not want to stand still! Sue has attended some investigations with several members of the Ghost Hunters (TAPS) team and was able to learn quite a bit from them, of which she has brought back to our group. She is also our Events Coordinator.

Terry Van Arsdale-Investigator In Training

Picture and bio to follow